Visit the Agencement Paul Champs varnishing workshop

Varnishing is one of the crucial stages in the production process, requiring a great deal of meticulousness and patience.

Different stages to be followed scrupulously

Varnishing is a key part of the manufacturing process, requiring great care and patience. It follows a series of scrupulous steps to guarantee optimum results.

First, the varnisher receives the pieces from the joinery workshop and carries out a meticulous inspection of their surface condition. This check is essential to ensure that the pieces are ready to be worked on. Once conformity has been confirmed, the varnisher can begin the process by applying the first coats of varnish.

He then carries out a series of gouges, a delicate operation designed to remove any surface roughness from the wood. This stage requires great attention to detail and precise handling of the tools to obtain a smooth, uniform surface.

Finally comes the crucial finishing stage, where the varnisher applies the colour according to the architect's specifications. This final touch gives the room its final character, whether it's a matt, gloss, satin or other finish. Each choice of finish is carefully made to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of the project.

In short, varnishing is much more than simply applying a product; it's a meticulous process in which each stage is carried out with precision to achieve a top-quality result.

Watch a video of our varnishing workshop.