Our Design office

Bureau d'études

The engineering office Ingenierie

Technical mastery and regulation

A design office of 20 people to ensure with rigour the engineering of your projects the most daring through the use of powerful IT tools.

The design office specialising in fittings carries out the technical studies and detailed execution plans for the project, which are submitted for validation before being manufactured by our workshops. A sampling or prototyping and assembly phase is used to confirm a validation with the client.

Experienced teams demonstrate strength of proposal to solve the technical problems of a project. They master their knowledge in the world of wood and multi-material assemblies to meet the needs of the client. the most demanding requirements.

A team of business managers will be your privileged contact, ensuring that the project as a whole runs smoothly.

Design and build projects

Our interior designers and decorators are available to create a personalised sales area throughout the Grand Ouest region.

They create concepts and structure spaces, by imagining adapted solutions, to enhance the atmosphere of your shop. The aim is to create an attractive concept that is both meaningful and commercially effective.

Bureau d'études