Utopia of the Seas, a customised naval layout for a giant of the seas

Agencement Paul Champs builds ocean liners for some of the world's leading cruise lines. Utopia of the Seas is our latest project.

Utopia of the Seas, a giant of the seas

RCCL chose us to carry out several lots on its latest flagship, Utopia of the Seas. This ship is the fifth in the Oasis series, until recently the largest in the world at 362 metres in length. Their record was stolen by the ICON of the Seas, delivered to Turku in Finland at the end of 2023, for an extra 2 metres!

With a crew of 2,400 and a capacity of 7,000 passengers, we've been entrusted with a major project on board Utopia of the Seas!

Our achievements for this cruise ship

Agencement Paul Champs created 3 lots on board Utopia of the Seas: an ice rink, a recreation of a street, Central Park, and the ship's main cafeteria.

Studio B - 900 m2

You can ice skate even on the open sea! For this ice rink, we created the entire layout of the lot, which included a metal mesh ceiling, wall cladding, seating arrangements and the railing around the rink.

Utopia of the Seas - la patinoire

Central Park - 2000 m2

You can even think you're in New York in the middle of the ocean! This is an open-air reconstruction of a street in Central Park. Dominated by 7 cabin decks, it is a veritable lung at the heart of the ship.

Agencement Paul Champs created all the floors and granite walls around large planters with trees and a variety of plants, as well as the facades of the restaurants and pergolas, the verandas and the street furniture (benches, fountains, litter bins, street signs, etc.).

The difficulty of this project was that it was an open-air site! The weather often disrupted the work, requiring us to adapt constantly. However, we were able to meet our final objective: on-time delivery of the ship.

Le Windjammer - 3300 m2

The ship's main cafeteria, serving up to 11,000 meals a day!

For this work package, our teams produced cladding for preparation counters, distribution islands, Beverages and consumption areas, including staff and metal ceilings, decorative wall cladding, sponge pads and floors (tiled or carpeted).

The Utopia of the Seas cruise ship was delivered on schedule. A project like this is a real challenge for our teams, but our know-how and experience in naval fitting-out enabled us to carry out these various projects with a result that met the customer's requirements.