Interior designer Sandrine Mazeret talks about her job

Sandrine Mazeret talks to us about her work as a decorator at Agencement Paul Champs. Discover all the facets of this fascinating profession!

Hello Sandrine, could you introduce yourself and tell us about your role at Agencement Paul Champs?

I'm Sandrine Mazeret, interior designer at Agencement Paul Champs. My role is to design interior architecture projects for shopfitting, the service sector and the medical sector.

I'm part of the company's design department, which consists of a project manager and a site supervisor. I work closely with the design office on project development.

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What does it mean to be an interior decorator?

The role of a decorator is to listen to the customer and discuss his needs with him. They need to understand a space and be able to judge its potential and how it can be enhanced. They must take into account the technical constraints of a project. They must be ingenious in coming up with clever, creative solutions to achieve a harmonious project, and keep a close eye on materials technology.

Can you explain how a project works?

Our role is above all to listen to the customer's aspirations in order to meet their requirements. To do this, we first hold an on-site meeting to assess the customer's requirements in terms of concept, specifications and budget. A detailed discussion is held with the customer to raise all the functional issues involved in the project. We then draw up a preliminary design, presenting the plans and an inspiration booklet for the decorating atmosphere. After discussion, we go into more detail, providing detailed plans and perspectives.

We then move on to the project costing phase, drawing up a detailed estimate for the customer. We propose a schedule for the work, which the customer approves. We manage projects from conception to completion.

Can you explain the philosophy behind Agencement Paul Champs?

Paul Champs' philosophy is based on listening to customers. We do everything we can to meet the requirements of a project, with attention to detail and quality as our leitmotiv. The aim is customer satisfaction, and to create a lasting partnership with our customers.

What motivates you as an interior designer at Agencement Paul Champs?

My motivation as a decorator is based on a taste for developing a variety of projects and creating unique places that are pleasant to live in by combining colours, materials and volumes. I also think it's very important to build relationships with customers so that we can meet all their requirements and ensure the success of their project.

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