Nectar'In, a fresh gourmet restaurant in Brest

Agencement Paul Champs Nectar'in

Nectar'In, located in the heart of Brest city centre, is much more than just a restaurant. It's a true haven of well-being, where eating out takes on a whole new dimension. With a philosophy focused on freshness, nutritional balance and vitality, Nectar'In offers a unique nomadic culinary experience, complemented by a range of smoothies.

The owners of Nectar'In decided to completely rethink the layout of their shop to reflect their concept. Their objective was clear: to highlight the vibrant, dynamic nature of their business, offering customers an even more immersive sensory experience.

They called on the Agencement Paul Champs team to make their project a reality.

A "spirit of nature" concept

The aim of the project was to reinforce the "spirit of nature" concept by creating a warm, colourful atmosphere, using the graphic codes of the Nectar'in charter.

We created made-to-measure furniture, styled the staircase and the mezzanine railings for a more modern touch, and used wood as a material to create a warm atmosphere.

We tackled the acoustic problem on the mezzanine by installing acoustic panels made from 100 % ecological covering made from flax yarn and a bio-sourced resin, all treated in natural tones to create a cosy atmosphere and enhanced by decorative plant elements.

Paul Champs carried out the work, involving all trades, over a three-week period.

A new layout acclaimed by customers

Nectar'In's new organisation was announced on social networks in September 2023 and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sandra E. 

Very nice work, it's cosier! Paul Champs Agency


It's really beautiful. I really like the natural, cocooning feel. 


Very attractive. Very successful renovation.


Well done!!! We look forward to seeing you soon in this new setting

Magali C

It's superb and so pleasant, and the local produce is excellent.