MSC World Europa - Atlantic Shipyards

Chantiers de l'Atlantique in Saint-Nazaire delivered the MSC World Europa, the flagship of the MSC Cruises fleet, in October 2022.

The MSC World Europa is the largest cruise ship to sail in Europe and the sixth largest in the world in terms of tonnage.


Agencement Paul Champs created eleven public areas, including four themed bars, a teppanyaki restaurant, a sushi bar, a promenade hall, a jewellery boutique, an MSC merchandising sales area, a reception and an MSC Foundation area.

The company worked on the "all trades" layout of these areas.
It took over a year to complete this exceptional 3,000 m2 project.
With his knowledge and mastery of materials as diverse as wood, glass, staff, stainless steel, brass and marble, Paul Champs has sublimated the interior spaces of the MSC World Europa. Discover these top-of-the-range ambiances through the photos.

The result of Agencement Paul Champs expertise

Here are just a few of the spaces designed by our teams for the MSC World Europa, top-of-the-range spaces for Mediterranean cruises.


MSC Europa World Agencement Paul champs

Prediner Bar

MSC Europa World Agencement Paul Champs
MSC Europa World Prediner Bar Agencement Paul Champs

Champagne bar

MSC Europa World champagne Bar Agencement Paul Champs


MSC Europa World Restaurant Japonais Agencement Paul Champs

Mixology Bar

MSC World Europa Myxologie Bar Agencement Paul Champs

Luxury Jewelry

MSC Europa World Fine Jewellery Agencement Paul Champs