Jean-Charles Kerebel, varnisher, tells us about his job

Jean-Charles Kerebel, varnisher for 34 years in the Agencement Paul Champs company agreed to talk to us about his job in a video interview.

Could you tell us what a varnisher does?

The job of varnisher involves working on pieces of joinery manufactured upstream in the workshop. My role is to apply the various finishes, whether in terms of tint, varnish or lacquer, in accordance with the architect's specifications.

Watch Jean-Charles Kerebel talk about his job.

What are the different stages in your work as a varnisher?

Once we've received the joinery pieces, we start by inspecting their surface condition. Then we begin the process of applying the first coats, followed by a series of sanding operations and a variety of finishes, from matt to satin to gloss.

What qualities do you need to excel as a varnisher?

Thoroughness, attention to detail and patience are essential qualities. Rushing is to be avoided at all costs, as this profession demands a high level of standards. Meticulous attention to detail is essential to guarantee impeccable results.

What do you see as the main advantage of your job?

Autonomy is certainly one of the main advantages. As a varnisher, I'm able to make decisions about the techniques to be used, based on the specific requests of architects.

The final word?

I think finishing is a crucial stage in the manufacturing process. I'd even go so far as to say that it's almost the stage that sells the product because of its finish.

Thank you Jean-Charles!