Discover the layout of an optician's shop in Le Relecq-Kerhuon

We went to meet Anne-Lise Nedelec, owner and manager of the optical shop Optic Nedelec in Le Relecq-Kerhuon. Mrs Nedelec called on Agencement Paul Champs to renovate her shop.

Use a local company

Mrs Nedelec, who has owned an optician's shop since 2015, wanted to have her sales area and examination room redesigned. Looking for a company, she relied on the advice of colleagues and contacted Agencement Paul Champs, which had already carried out work in their shops. The fact that our company is located close to Optic Nedelec was also a factor in Mrs Nedelec's decision, as she wanted to work with a local company.

Watch Anne-Lise Nedelec's account of her collaboration with Agencement Paul Champs.

A successful partnership

After a long but fruitful initial meeting, Mrs Nedelec told us how she wanted the space in her shop to be organised to welcome her customers. Her idea was to create a cosy, atypical atmosphere in her new space. According to her, 90% of her requests were faithfully transcribed by the Agencement Paul Champs team during the presentation of the first draft.

An eclectic, warm atmosphere was created through the furniture and choice of materials. The Agencement Paul Champs team created metal eyewear display units with curved lines and minimalist shapes, combined with small retro wooden units.

Tailor-made customer reception desks have also been created, incorporating all the technical and merchandising elements.

When it came to redesigning the workshop to include an area for customer shots, the team had an essential discussion with Mme Nedelec to integrate all her specialist equipment down to the smallest detail and to ensure that the workstations were ergonomically correct.

Mrs Nedelec closed her shop for a month while the work was carried out and reopened in a new workspace in October 2022. Very satisfied with her collaboration with Agencement Paul Champs and with the results of the work, she has already recommended our company to other retailers.

Thank you to Mrs Nedelec for her warm welcome during our shoot!