Our expertise

The expertise of a multidisciplinary and competent team

In order to meet the most demanding requirements, we are experts in :

  • Materials: glass, resin, stone, leather, fabric, composite materials, sandwich panels, metal, wood…
  • New technologies: automation, optics…
  • The environmental impact of our achievements and activities,
  • All applicable regulations: regulatory, acoustic, safety…
  • Structural, load resistance and weight calculations.

The assurance of a well-mastered project management, on a global scale

A comprehensive interior engineering project involves four stages :

  1. Definition phase : Support in defining the specifications.
  2. Design phase : Includes, amongst other things, feasibility and compliance studies, followed by completion of the technical execution plans and a sampling or prototyping phase.
  3. Manufacturing phase : Includes, amongst other things, production of the fittings and furnishings, assembly of the various materials/components.
  4. Installation phase : Includes, amongst other things, tracing, on-site assembly and coordinating the various trades.

Because your project is unique, we tailor our service to you. These four phases can be provided separately from one another.

A broad area of expertise

We are involved – and consequently experts – in the following fields :

  • Naval interior engineering,
  • Commercial interior engineering (all types of points of sales – stores and services),
  • Interior engineering for buildings in the services industry (headquarters, museums…)
  • Hospitality industry,
  • Interior design of luxury apartments and villas.

For more information : refer to the “Our achievements” tab.

A national and international presence

Our capacity to adapt means we are able to support our client in France and worldwide.