Our company

A genuine expertise built on nearly 80 years of experience !

  • Established in 1936, the company acquired a strong skills base in store design before turning to interior engineering in the shipbuilding and services industries.
  • A family business since it was first established.
  • A long-standing embraced client proximity (ISO 9001 certification since 1997).
  • Référencement QUALIBAT (Superior technical skills in Carpentry, Metal Work and Fittings).
  • Company certified living heritage by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Digital Economy.

Agencement Entreprise du Patrimone Vivant EPV

An assertive environmental and social approach !

  • Selection of our materials based on their environmental and energy impacts.
  • Implementation of an environmental management system within the company and on our job sites.
  • Waste recycling by community organisations aimed at improving social ties (disability and social integration).
  • Strong partnership with the Compagnons du Devoir.

Agencement Paul Champ Entreprise partenaire des Compagnons du Devoir


A company benefiting from the power of a leading group in the field of interior engineering

AGENCEMENT PAUL CHAMPS is part of the ABERIS group, brining together two more companies dedicated to interior design: