Our approach

As your general contractor, Agencement Paul Champs is committed to meet your expectations while respecting your predefined quality standards and deadlines and controlling your costs.

Our team of professionals is with you every step of the way, from the design phase to the preparation of all administrative documents, the monitoring of the calls for tender and coordination of the work.

Our approach

  • Outlining of the specifications,
  • Site survey and analysis: situational analysis and plotting,
  • Caring about your expectations and needs,
  • Development of the concept and project analysis,
  • Definition of the budget and the deadline with the client,
  • Handling of all administrative formalities,
  • Completion of the execution plans,
  • Completion and coordination of the work,
  • Acceptance of the work.

Our creativity

Our interior designers and decorators, who understand your needs, develop concepts and structure the spaces by conceiving solutions tailored to your expectations and needs.

Our areas of expertise

Our design capabilities are leveraged when designing public spaces : commercial premises, premises for the services industry, reception areas, medical practices and dental clinics.

In this respect, we have many references.


We conceive, produce and install commercial premises. Following our analysis and a consultation phase, we bring you tailored solutions meeting your professional values.

The aim is to create a strong and clear concept that highlights your brand image.

Services industry and reception areas

We develop working, user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing reception areas or premises for the services industry.


We have acquired extensive experience in the interior engineering of medical practices and dental clinics by meeting technical and functional requirements.